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Zoey Young
17 January 2012 @ 02:08 am
I've been asked to write a book about my time at the White House. I'm not exactly sure if I actually want to do it. I was hardly there and when I was, it was a total shit show. Whether it be for my sister's wedding or for press events. There aren't any real stories I can tell about actually being at the White House.

Charlie keeps telling me to do it, but I don't think he understands that it would be a very boring book. I don't remember what happened really when I was taken. I don't remember being saved. Almost like my mind blacks it out. Not necessarily in a bad way, but not entirely in a good way either. I guess I can write about what everyone else says about it. No, that's boring too. I know it put my family through hell, and Charlie as well. Why would I want to make them relive that? Why would I want to relive it...or even try to remember it?

I wonder if I was a first choice.
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Zoey Young
16 January 2012 @ 02:23 pm
My mother is attempting to give family physicals in my living room. Like she usually does. I'm working on my issues with her.

Charlie is doing really well with his new job. We are slowly starting to get comfortable in this house. Tricia has been going to her room to play and not pulling me along to follow her. Which is good. She's finally starting to go to my parents. It isn't that she doesn't love them, she just doesn't know them very well. Not as well as she should for a grandchild.

I was close to my grandparents. My father was always weary when we'd go visit his father. I don't really know why because my Dad doesn't talk much about when he was a kid, but my grandfather was great. He bought us ice cream all the time. My grandmother was always quiet, yet loving. I can see where my Dad gets it from. My mother's parents were always on the go. Cruise here, church things there. They were great people and very loving as well. They had always taken Ellie with them a lot. Not only was she Mom's favorite, she was theirs too. I'm not bitter about it, it's just the truth. Liz was always busy with her friends and then her kids. So, it was kind of only me with my parents when they were home or with the lady who watched us.

I'm just glad that it will be different for my daughter.
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